Save the Date: May 2, 2020

Started in 2017, National Fitness Day™ is celebrated the first Saturday of May in the US as a single day to celebrate strength and empowerment through fitness, and for people across the country to get their sweat on.

Our Mission:

To inspire and empower people to feel their best

We believe fitness has the power to change lives. Everyone finds fitness for a different reason, but it’s never just about losing weight or beating your best time. It’s much, much more.

To us, fitness is about being good to ourselves and celebrating what our bodies can do. It’s about becoming empowered as we challenge ourselves and grow stronger. And it’s about finding joy and confidence as we support one another in a journey to become our best selves.

National Fitness Day is a single day to celebrate the strength and empowerment we find through fitness, but it’s also a community and a movement dedicated to continuing to inspire people across the country to pursue a healthy lifestyle and grow through fitness – both physically and mentally – along with us.

How to Get Involved


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